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『哲学原本』(『哲学原論』とも訳される、ラテン語:Elementa Philosophiae、英語:Elements of Philosophy)


田中浩著『ホッブズ研究序説―近代国家論の生誕』改訂増補版、御茶の水書房、1994年。ISBN 9784275015600。
田中浩著『ホッブズ』イギリス思想叢書、研究社出版、1998年。ISBN 9784327352134。
田中浩著『ホッブズ』Century books 人と思想、清水書院、2006年。ISBN 9784389410490。
長尾龍一著『リヴァイアサン―近代国家の思想と歴史』講談社学術文庫、1994年。ISBN 9784061591400。
長尾龍一著『争う神々』信山社叢書、1998年。ISBN 9784797251012。
長尾龍一著『法哲学批判』信山社叢書、1999年。ISBN 9784797251043。
福田歓一著「ホッブズにおける近代政治理論の形成」(『福田歓一著作集 第一巻』所収)、岩波書店、1998年。ISBN 9784000921411。
福田歓一著「近代政治原理成立史序説」(『福田歓一著作集 第二巻』所収)、岩波書店、1998年。ISBN 9784000921428。
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著作 原文

1602. Latin translation of Euripides' Medea (lost).
1620. Three of the discourses in the Horae Subsecivae: Observation and Discourses (A Discourse of Tacitus, A Discourse of Rome, and A Discourse of Laws).[38]
1626. De Mirabilis Pecci, Being the Wonders of the Peak in Darby-shire, (a poem first published in 1636)
1629. Eight Books of the Peloponnesian Warre, translation with an Introduction of Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War
1630. A Short Tract on First Principles, British Museum, Harleian MS 6796, ff. 297?308: critical edition with commentary and French translation by Jean Bernhardt: Court traite des premiers principes, Paris, PUF, 1988 (authorship doubtful: this work is attributed by some critics to Robert Payne).[39]
1637 A Briefe of the Art of Rhetorique (in Molesworth's edition the title is The Whole Art of Rhetoric). A new edition has been edited by John T. Harwood: The Rhetorics of Thomas Hobbes and Bernard Lamy, Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1986. (Authorship probable: While Karl Schuhmann firmly rejects the attribution of this work to Hobbes, disagreeing with Quentin Skinner, who has come to agree with Schuhmann, a preponderance of scholarship disagrees with Schuhmann's idiosyncratic assessment.)[40]
1639. Tractatus opticus II (British Library, Harley MS 6796, ff. 193?266; first complete edition 1963)[41]
1640. Elements of Law, Natural and Politic (circulated only in handwritten copies, first printed edition, without Hobbes's permission in 1650)
1641. Objectiones ad Cartesii Meditationes de Prima Philosophia (Third series of Objections)
1642. Elementorum Philosophiae Sectio Tertia de Cive (Latin, first limited edition)
1643. De Motu, Loco et Tempore (first edition 1973 with the title: Thomas White's De Mundo Examined)[42]
1644. Part of the Praefatio to Mersenni Ballistica (in F. Marini Mersenni minimi Cogitata physico-mathematica. In quibus tam naturae quam artis effectus admirandi certissimis demonstrationibus explicantur)
1644. Opticae, liber septimus, (written in 1640) in Universae geometriae mixtaeque mathematicae synopsis, edited by Marin Mersenne (reprinted by Molesworth in OL V pp. 215?48 with the title Tractatus Opticus)
1646. A Minute or First Draught of the Optiques (Harley MS 3360; Molesworth published only the dedication to Cavendish and the conclusion in EW VII, pp. 467?71)
1646. Of Liberty and Necessity (published without the permission of Hobbes in 1654)
1647. Elementa Philosophica de Cive (second expanded edition with a new Preface to the Reader)
1650. Answer to Sir William Davenant's Preface before Gondibert
1650. Human Nature: or The fundamental Elements of Policie (first thirteen chapters of The Elements of Law, Natural and Politic, published without Hobbes's authorisation)
1650. Pirated edition of The Elements of Law, Natural and Politic, repackaged to include two parts:
Human Nature, or the Fundamental Elements of Policie (chapters 14?19 of Part One of the Elements of 1640)
De Corpore Politico (Part Two of the Elements of 1640)
1651. Philosophical Rudiments concerning Government and Society (English translation of De Cive)[43]
1651. Leviathan, or the Matter, Forme, and Power of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiasticall and Civil
1654. Of Libertie and Necessitie, a Treatise
1655. De Corpore (Latin)
1656. Elements of Philosophy, The First Section, Concerning Body (anonymous English translation of De Corpore)
1656. Six Lessons to the Professor of Mathematics
1656. The Questions concerning Liberty, Necessity and Chance (reprint of Of Libertie and Necessitie, a Treatise, with the addition of Bramhall's reply and Hobbes's reply to Bramahall's reply)
1657. Stigmai, or Marks of the Absurd Geometry, Rural Language, Scottish Church Politics, and Barbarisms of John Wallis
1658. Elementorum Philosophiae Sectio Secunda De Homine
1660. Examinatio et emendatio mathematicae hodiernae qualis explicatur in libris Johannis Wallisii
1661. Dialogus physicus, sive De natura aeris
1662. Problematica Physica (translated in English in 1682 as Seven Philosophical Problems)
1662. Seven Philosophical Problems, and Two Propositions of Geometru (published posthumously)
1662. Mr. Hobbes Considered in his Loyalty, Religion, Reputation, and Manners. By way of Letter to Dr. Wallis (English autobiography)
1666. De Principis & Ratiocinatione Geometrarum
1666. A Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Student of the Common Laws of England (published in 1681)
1668. Leviathan (Latin translation)
1668. An Answer to a Book published by Dr. Bramhall (published in 1682)
1671. Three Papers Presented to the Royal Society Against Dr. Wallis. Together with Considerations on Dr. Wallis his Answer to them
1671. Rosetum Geometricum, sive Propositiones Aliquot Frustra antehac tentatae. Cum Censura brevi Doctrinae Wallisianae de Motu
1672. Lux Mathematica. Excussa Collisionibus Johannis Wallisii
1673. English translation of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey
1674. Principia et Problemata Aliquot Geometrica Ante Desperata, Nunc breviter Explicata & Demonstrata
1678. Decameron Physiologicum: Or, Ten Dialogues of Natural Philosophy
1679. Thomae Hobbessii Malmesburiensis Vita. Authore seipso (Latin autobiography, translated into English in 1680)
Posthumous works
1680. An Historical Narration concerning Heresie, And the Punishment thereof
1681. Behemoth, or The Long Parliament (written in 1668, unpublished at the request of the King, first pirated edition 1679)
1682. Seven Philosophical Problems (English translation of Problematica Physica, 1662)
1682. A Garden of Geometrical Roses (English translation of Rosetum Geometricum, 1671)
1682. Some Principles and Problems in Geometry (English translation of Principia et Problemata, 1674)
1688. Historia Ecclesiastica Carmine Elegiaco Concinnata

著作 全集

Thomae Hobbes Malmesburiensis Opera Philosophica quae Latina Scripsit, Studio et labore Gulielmi Molesworth, (Londini, 1839?1845). 5 volumes. Reprint: Aalen, 1966 (= OL).
Volume I. Elementorum Philosophiae I: De Corpore
Volume II. Elementorum Philosophiae II and III: De Homine and De Cive
Volume III. Latin version of Leviathan.
Volume IV. Various concerning mathematics, geometry and physics.
Volume V. Various short works.

The English Works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury; Now First Collected and Edited by Sir William Molesworth, Bart., (London: Bohn, 1839?45). 11 volumes. Reprint London, 1939-?; reprint: Aalen, 1966 (= EW).
Volume 1. De Corpore translated from Latin to English.
Volume 2. De Cive.
Volume 3. The Leviathan
Volume 4.
TRIPOS ; in Three Discourses:
I. Human Nature, or the Fundamental Elements of Policy
II. De Corpore Politico, or the Elements of Law
III. Of Liberty and Necessity
An Answer to Bishop Bramhall's Book, called "The Catching of the Leviathan"
An Historical Narration concerning Heresy, and the Punishment thereof
Considerations upon the Reputation, Loyalty, Manners, and Religion of Thomas Hobbes
Answer to Sir William Davenant's Preface before "Gondibert"
Letter to the Right Honourable Edward Howard
Volume 5. The Questions concerning Liberty, Necessity and Chance, clearly stated and debated between Dr Bramhall Bishop of Derry and Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury.
Volume 6.
A Dialogue Between a Philosopher & a Student of the Common Laws of England
A Dialogue of the Common Law
Behemoth: the History of the Causes of the Civil Wars of England, and of the Counsels and Artifices By Which They Were Carried On From the Year 1640 to the Year 1660
The Whole Art of Rhetoric (Hobbes's translation of his own Latin summary of Aristotle's Rhetoric published in 1637 with the title A Briefe of the Art of Rhetorique)
The Art of Rhetoric Plainly Set Forth. With Pertinent Examples For the More Easy Understanding and Practice of the Same (this work is not of Hobbes but by Dudley Fenner, The Artes of Logike and Rethorike, 1584)
The Art of Sophistry
Volume 7.
Seven Philosophical Problems
Decameron Physiologicum
Proportion of a straight line to half the arc of a quadrant
Six lessons to the Savilian Professors of the Mathematics
ΣΤΙΓΜΑΙ, or Marks of the absurd Geometry etc. of Dr Wallis
Extract of a letter from Henry Stubbe
Three letters presented to the Royal Society against Dr Wallis
Considerations on the answer of Dr Wallis
Letters and other pieces
Volume 8 and 9. The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, translated into English by Hobbes.
Volume 10. The Iliad, and The Odyssey, translated by Hobbes into English
Volume 11. Index.