This page is dedicated to Emmauel Levinas, an outstanding Jewish philosopher. It is maintained by Gen Nakayama.
Last modified on 18 January 1998.

Japanese Version

Bibliography of Emmanuel Levinas

E.Levinas "Monotheism and language" translated into Japanese by Gen Nakayama

Religion and Philosophy
Levinas Resource
Links to pages relevant to Levinas' thought
Anti-Semitism and racism

Levinas Bibliography

E. Levinas, Monotheism and language (trans. Gen Nakayama, in Japanese)

Religion and Philosophy (Gen Nakayama)
An essay on the relationship between religion and philosophy in the thoughts of E.Levinas, written by Gen Nakayama (in Japanese)

Levinas Resources
Emmanuel Levinas Web Page
Emmanuel Levinas Page by Peter Atterton. This page includes a short biography, a list of English translation of Levinas' text, and list of monographs on Levinas.
'Junk' and the Other: Burrougs and Levinas on Drug
By Jeffery T.Nealon.
Emmanuel Levinas(1906-1995)
A short and well written history of philosophical career of E. Levinas. This paper is written by Georges Hansel, a step-son of Emmanuel Levinas.

WWW pages relevant to Levinas' thought


The Ultimate Jewish/Israel Link Launcer
A very large links to WWW pages relevant to Judaism and Israel.
Virtual Jerusalem
Links to WWW sites relevant to Israel and Judaism.
Part of the "Virtual Jerusalem", and includes links to Torah.
Jewish Studies Resources
Judaism resources of Priceton University.
Jewish Philosophy
Paper written by Jon Schochet on Judaism philosophy
The Online Jewish Library
List of literature on Judaism prepared by Yaaqov Kornreich which include a literature on Talmud.
Torah and Talmud
Literature useful to learn Torah and Talmud.
Mishnah and Talmud
Literature useful to learn Mishnad and Talmud
Torahnet - Links to Studying Torah/Talmud
A large link to WWW pages useful to learn Torah and Talmud.

Antisemitism and Racism

The Vidal Sassoon International Center
Homepage of Vidal Sassoon. This page includes papers on the trend of anti-Semitism in the world.
Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Anti-Semitism
Literature of anti-Semitism prepared by Vidal Sassoon Center.
The "Jewish Question" in German Speaking Countries, 1848-1914
@List of literature on anti-Semitism in German speaking countries edited by Rena R. Auerbach.
Demonization of the Jew and the Jew As "Other": A Selected Bibliography
Literature of Judaism as the "other"


Humanities OnLine's Holocaust Links

36 Questions
Simon Wiesenthal Center's questions and responses on the holocaust
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs on holocaust
Responses to the Holocaust
This site provides analysis of holocaust from the viewpoints of literature, philosophy, history, film, and so on.
The Nazi Genocide of the Jews
Introduction to holocaust.
The Cybrary of the Holocaust
A site to order books relevant to holocaust.
Holocaust Archive Project
Resources of holocaust.
History of holocaust from 1930 to 1945.
An Auschwitz Alphabet
Resources on Auschwitz.